"Best of Rita Engedalen" to be released at the Notodden Blues Festival 2018

"Best of Rita Engedalen" new album 2018 - Bluestown Records

Rita Engedalen is Norway's definitive Blues Queen and one of the most profound female blues artists in Europe.

Engedalen debuted as a blues performer with the 2004 recording of her album "Hear My Song". She has since recorded five albums under her own name while receiving the Spellemannsprisen for her album "Heaven Is Not Ready For Me Yet" in 2006. Rita Engedalen has an international audience and she was the winner of the European Blues Challenge in Berlin in 2012.

She has recently returned from a musically rich trip to Mississippi, where she, in Clarksdale, was in a studio recording new version of "Heaven Is Not Ready For Me Yet". This time with the city's best gospel choir. This recording can be heard on the forthcoming album "Best Of Rita Engedalen", to be released at the Notodden Blues Festival 2018, both as a CD and on vinyl (LP).

The music: The style, directly inspired by music from the American South states. is a solid mix of American Blues, Gospel, Norwegian Folk Music, Roots Music and Hill-Country Music. Rita’s songs are original material she has written and which she performs in a distinctive and personal style.

"Best of Rita Engedalen" will contain selected tracks from all her previous releases.

Rita is in full swing planning of a new solo album planned to be released in 2019 .

At the Notodden Blues Festival on Friday 3 August, she will perform on the same stage as one of her favorite performers of the blues, Bonnie Raitt. She will be joined by her regular band members Morten Omlid guitar , Eskil Aasland drums ; Finn Tore Tokle bass while Margit Bakken will be her Special Guest Artist.


For her musical achievements and great commitment, Rita Engedalen has received many prestigious awards:

During the Notodden Blues Festival in 2016, she , a well-deserved star , on the Notodden Blues Walk Of Fame.

2006 - Gamer price (I don’t know what this is) in the BLUES class for her album "Heaven is not ready for me yet"
2010 - The Notodden Blues Festival Award.
2010 - Rolf Gammleng Prize (AWARD)
2011 - Kongsberg City's Profit Medal
2012 - Buskerud County Art Award
2012 - Winner of European Blues Challenge
2016 - Incorporated in Notodden's "Blues Walk Of Fame"
She has been twice nominated for the Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) once for the album "Chappels and bars" and once for "The tree still standing".

Rita Engedalen won the Norwegian Grammy award for best blues album release "Heaven Ain't Ready For Me Yet" 2006. Her CDs, Three Still Standing (2008) and Chapels And Bars (2011), were both nominated to the Norwegian Grammy Award!

Rita Engedalen is often referred to as Norway's Queen of the Blues.

Rita Engedalen has buillt a large audience through an impressive series of festival apperances and touring at home and abroad. So it is with good reason that she is often referred to as Norway's Queen of the Blues.

Rita’s influences are mostly American folk music from districts and areas not very familiar to mainstream audiences. Dusty roads, back and forth from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi Delta are areas she travels musically. Her intense nerve, her strong and rich voice mixed with deeply rooted soul form her personal musical expression. Many songs rooted in Rita’s musical landscape are often formed upon a simple, repetitive chord progression with intensely felt emotions and the raw power of trance. Making songs in these musical terms is for Rita very natural; she’s actually a natural born master.

Rita is a full range artist, both on CD and as a live performer.The combination of natural talent, a beautiful voice, solid song writing skills, original music and her outstanding musicians makes Rita’s live shows to amazing experiences!

For booking or information: rita-eng@online.no